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Café Nine is New Haven’s corner bar

March 12, 2021

Café Nine is New Haven’s corner bar. For over 30 years, a diverse and colorful medley of people have passed through the doors where on an given night you are able to rub shoulders with world famous musicians and at the same time catch up with friends, have a date, and celebrate any random occasion.

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Elmore Magazine

June 19, 2017

New Haven, Connecticut is the site of Yale University, so it’s got the kind of college-town diversity that can support an active music scene. It’s home to The Space, a welcoming coffeehouse in suburban Hamden, where up-and-coming young (sometimes high-school age) local and touring acts are nurtured, and...

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The Washington Post

February 5, 2018

Not so long ago, New Haven’s Ninth Square neighborhood was just a stretch of empty red brick buildings. Now, it’s chockablock with art (including Artspace, a warehouse of mini-galleries), quirky shopping (a Jamaican dress designer is just doors down from the century-old Acme Furniture), and divey ethnic food options.

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Boston loves the New Haven Beat

April 15, 2007

NEW HAVEN – This city is a maze of one-way streets, ancient-looking university buildings, and, oh yes, nightclubs. You didn’t think Yale students just studied all the time, did you? The scene is more vibrant than one might expect. Bostonians – and especially Harvard Cantabrigians...

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Cafe Nine’s Encore

July 17, 2019

Some long-term loungers at the New Haven nightspot renowned as “The Musician’s Living Room” are still reeling deliriously from last year’s major renovations to the intimate club space. The bar counter got cut down so it no longer runs the length of the…

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Brooklyn Magazine

January 15, 2019

Sick of Terminal 5? Here Are the 7 Best Music Venues Right Outside New York City Below are seven of Brooklyn Magazine’s favorite tri-state area music venues. Cafe 9, New Haven, CT This dive bar in downtown New Haven is a hidden gem in a city with one of the tri-state area’s.

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