All Star Tribute to the songs of Johnny Cash
NH Docs and Cafe Nine

All Star Tribute to the songs of Johnny Cash

Ages 21+
Join us for an All Star Cast of artists paying tribute to the songs of Johnny Cash to benefit the Cafe 9 Virtual Jar for Employee relief.

NHdocs & Cafe 9 present...

The songs of Johnny Cash

proceeds benefit the Cafe 9 tip jar

watch the Johnny Cash documentary

My Darling Vivian

then enjoy the music...

featuring live performances from:

Bill Janovitz

Lydia Loveless

Sarah Shook

Amy Rigby

The Dollyrots

John Howie, Jr.

Matthew Ryan

Dave Schneider

Jay & Katelyn Russell

Frank Critelli

Casey Prestwood

Big Sandy

Christine Ohlman

Alex Burnett

Sam Carlson

Richard Hulett

Stefanie Clark Harris

Rich Dart and Creamed Corn

Shellye Valauskas

Brendan Toller

and more...

produced by Dean Falcone

Make sure to also purchase a ticket for My Darling Vivian, am amazing documentary about the relationship between Cash and his first love Vivian, all to benefit the tip jar of New Haven's legendary musician's living room, Cafe 9.

NOTE: we are offering three ticket levels. It's the same ticket, the higher price is a little extra for the Cafe 9 tip jar.