Bonsai Trees, Wayward City, Jake Lasz

Bonsai Trees

Wayward City, Jake Lasz

Ages 21+
Bonsai Trees kick off their latest Tour.

Bonsai Trees

LEARN TO GROW out and about now!

A self-described tumultuous indie rock quartet, Connecticut’s Bonsai Trees was founded in 2011 by members James MacPherson and Nick Sokol. Based in Hartford, the band is rounded out by Larry Sniscak and Dan Spence, solidifying their energetic, yet introspective, lineup. Having accumulated nearly 150,000 Spotify streams on their current discography and maintaining a seemingly relentless touring schedule, Bonsai Trees is everything but slow-moving.

Often categorized as indie-rock with distinct traces of emo influence, Bonsai Trees has been traveling the United States in support of their most recent independent LP ​Learn To Grow (​ released May 3rd, 2019), their third full length album. An energetic and melodic 10-track collection, ​Learn To Grow i​ s filled to the brim with memorable hooks and turbulent emotion. With extensive North American touring history (and an unprecedented catalog of releases), the band has been laser-focused on recording a new EP, a body of work which they believe is ‘bigger and better’ than all prior releases. Although a release date is yet to be announced on the upcoming EP, Bonsai Trees is poised to keep all eyes on them.

Wayward City

Wayward City is a five-piece alternative rock outfit hailing from New Haven, CT and Puerto Rico. Formed in late 2015, Wayward City exploded onto the Connecticut scene by releasing a series of live, studio performance videos that blur the line between hard rock and post-rock. With an earnest focus on songwriting, the group couples ethereal guitar textures with driving drum-and-bass rhythms to build an eclectic atmosphere through which singer David Torres' haunting but uplifting voice truly soars.

“Listening to Wayward City’s debut EP is like standing up through a sunroof, at top speed after a great day. Driving fuzzy bass, layered effervescent guitars, drumming executed with technical precision, all adorned with theatrical vocals that make a compelling experience with each repeated listen. The sweepingly epic sound continues throughout the EP and challenges anyone to not make Wayward City their new favorite band. This is an absolute must listen for anyone who enjoys rock music.” - Inside Indie CT

Jake Lasz

Jake Kerkapoly is the leader, guitarist and singer of the Jake Kerkapoly Band. Hailing from Westchester, NY, Jake’s writing spans various styles. Coming from a wide range of influences, his songs are filled with clever lyrical quips and poetic construction backed by funky rhythms with deep harmonic textures. A new style of songwriter, Jake brings his best to the table.