Left on Scarlet Street, Green Light, Rock Bottom

Left on Scarlet Street, Green Light, Rock Bottom

Ages 21+
Three local favorites to help you get in to the groove of 2020.

Left on Scarlet Street

Left on Scarlet Street is a four piece band out of Madison, CT playing classic rock, alt rock and original music.

Green Light

Green Light is permission to move forward, which is something this group has embraced since day one. Born out of an idea of forming an unconventional trio that played unique takes on cover songs, members Courtney Seely, Bill Cox and Dan Coca-Ducach have always strived to move forward, but never quite anticipated getting to this place.

Originally coming together to play one-off performances at a local open mic night, the band frequently signed up under the name “One & Done”. As the group began to invest more time in the project, the name stuck and One & Done began regularly playing at many establishments and events along the Connecticut Shoreline.

One of the challenges of playing with a non-traditional line-up was coming up with interesting arrangements of well known songs. One & Done took pride in finding ways to put a spin or fun twist on a song, something to make it their own. The group also established an open door policy to picking songs and were always willing to move forward with each other’s choices.

Over time their rotating catalog got upwards of 75 songs ranging from everything between The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Tom Petty, Beck, Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Cage the Elephant, Taylor Swift and Rihanna to name a few. While this is a wide range of genres and eras, One & Done found that they were able to make these songs flow seamlessly together at shows because of one consistent factor - their sound.

Through the process of finding creative ways to arrange songs from so many styles and eras, One & Done ended up honing a sound that was unique to them.

In 2017 and 2018 the band began experimenting with writing some original songs and eventually worked them into live performances. In the summer of 2018, Chris McDonald, a local sound engineer heard the band performing some of these originals and offered to record them. The band (always wanting to push forward) elected to try to build a short concept album that would blend all of these songs together into what would become Where to Fit.

The process of writing, creating and recording these songs slowly began to shift the band’s direction. The group soon found themselves primarily focused on writing new original songs and continuously adding them to their live sets.

In December of 2018, One & Done had an opportunity to open for another local band (Left on Scarlet St) at Cafe 9 in New Haven. Performing a set of all original songs for the first time cemented this new direction for the group.

As production of the album finished and the band began plotting out a release date, the name One & Done began to feel a bit out of place. One & Done was other people’s music intertwined with a new emerging band’s sound. Changing the name to something that represented the band’s sound as its own entity became a frequent discussion.

Still, One & Done was near and dear to the band’s heart and the notion of shifting away from all they had created was a bit daunting at first. They needed some form of permission to do so.

Green Light is that permission.