Roger C Reale and the Collection
The Sunday Buzz Matinee from Cygnus Radio

Roger C Reale and The Collection

Ages 21+
Roger C Reale plays the long lost hits from The Collection.

Forty years ago, punk/power-pop disciple Roger C. Reale enlisted the aid of guitar wizards G.E. Smith, Jimmy McAllister and Mick Ronson and drummer Hilly Michaels (Sparks) to create two minor masterpieces of rock & roll madness. But then…nothing happened. Yes, it was the same old story of bad (or no) management and record label failings but, as Jim Allen discovered, Reale’s story has a unique twist. Reale, in the interim, formed The Manchurians, and never looked back. Until now. His two albums, long shelved, are now reissued together as The Collection and stand ready to take their place as genuine lost classics.