The Hymans, Jacques Le Coque, The Lost Weekend

The Hymans

Jacques Le Coque

The Lost Weekend

Fri, July 28, 2017

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm


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The Hymans
The Hymans
Gabba Gabba (New)HEY(van)!
Formed in 2005, The Hymans are the Elm City’s first Ramones tribute band. Taking their pseudonyms from Joey’s real name (Jeff Hyman), these bruddahs get into character…way into character. Leather jackets, knee hole pants, this ain’t no high school dance.They walk, talk, and look like the original boys from Queens.

The Hymans are Ramones fanatics who play all the stuff...and more. Songs from the early days to “Adios Amigos” are incorporated into their ear-splitting, foot- shuffling set. Just like the real Ramones, The Hymans sometimes rotate their line-up. Unlike the real Ramones, they only play for very special occasions.

The original line-up of cretins making up the band are: Vocals: Mikey, aka Live Mike formerly of The Defcon Five and Model Chaser, Bass: J. Jay, aka John Meah of the Hulls and the Dial Tones, Drums: Bobby, aka Bob Rock of the Hulls, Saint Cobra, Shelter Dogs and many more bands, Guitar: Matty, aka Matt Wilson of The Wagon Riders, Titles, The Back and Forth of Courage, and literally shit loads of other great bands. Don’t be a pinhead no more!!! Leave home and see The Hymans.
Jacques Le Coque
Jacques Le Coque
Hailing from Stamford, Connecticut, JACQUES LE COQUE play Replacements-style garage pop with a lot more youth and a very Velvet-y Underground warmth on the master mix. "... [JLC's] well-balanced, rough, raw, fuzzy rock n' roll. Bouncing from Built to Spill-style tracks, to surf rock and straight-up punk, these guys are the perfect house-party band. Listening to their songs, I can practically feel an elbow to the ribs and a PBR being spilled on my shoes.”

Their latest 45 on Windian Records finds Jacques Le Coque at the top of their game. A-side “Tip of My Tongue” is uptempo punk counterbalancing the catchiness with needling string work and subtly integrating a thread of garage precedent, some swell ’77-ish leads and a sly false ending into the equation.“You Better Move” only intensifies this circumstance, blending in unabashed power pop gestures and more overt ‘60s melodicism through low-mixed vocal harmony and a splendid guitar solo. Destined to satisfy jangle poppers with an underlying itch for the Ramones, Jacques Le Coque delivers raw, infectious, and damn fine music in full.
The Lost Weekend
The Lost Weekend
An independent alternative rock band based
out of central and southern CT. Formed in
Summer 2013.

Influenced by The Smiths, The Cure, Interpol
Tears for Fears, David Bowie, The Foals, Wild
Nothing, Led Zeppelin, Joy Division, The Killers,
The Ocean Blue.

Just released our first full-length LP “Denial”
recorded over the last three years.
14 original songs.
Produced by The Lost Weekend.
Singles: “Nothing Concrete” and “Different
Than You Are”.