Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees

Fernando Pinto Presents: Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond

Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees

American Trash, Ulteria DJ R.I.C.H.A.R.D.

Fri, February 16, 2018

Doors: 9:00 pm / Show: 9:30 pm

$12.00 - $15.00

This event is 21 and over

Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees
Tragedy: All Metal Tribute To The Bee Gees
NYC's Tragedy is an over-the-top bombast of Disco, Metal, Glitter and Magic - the #1 Party Band.

LOUDWIRE: "not just fun and catchy — Tragedy rules!"
ALL ABOUT THE ROCK: "far from being a novelty act, these guys are GENIUS. If they don't put a smile on your face, you must be dead inside"

Born out of the impenetrable divide of Disco and Metal, these fearsome brothers fearlessly obliterated the truce line that had been set in the great Disco/Metal Peace accord of 1977 when they seamlessly blended the two genres with their debut album, We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong - a collection of Bee Gees songs redone in a heavy metal treatment reminiscent of Judas Priest, Motley Crue and Guns N Roses. Since then, they have crisscrossed the globe with their spectacular live shows and having stormed across the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Subsequent full length albums, Humbled By Our Greatness, Death To False Disco Metal, The Solo Albums and The Joy of Sex have seen them spread their glittered wings to take on non Bee Gees classics from the disco era, soft rock anthems and party jams.In 2015, Tragedy broke the internet with a viral video featuring their take on You're the One That I Want from the Grease soundtrack. In 2017, Tragedy's video for Stayin' Alive broke the internet once again.

If you're allergic to smiling be afraid... be very afraid. Tragedy sweats glitter and cums confetti!

Tragedy has headlined festival stages such as SXSW (USA), CMJ (USA), Musikfest (USA), Bloodstock (UK), Rebellion (UK), Summer Breeze (Germany), Foudrock (France), Motocultor (France), Glastonbudget (UK), Legends of Rock (UK) and Hammerfest/Hard Rock Hell (UK).m
American Trash
American Trash
From about 1999 until about 2004 we played in a band that was really influenced by AC/DC, Guns N Roses and Aerosmith called American Trash. We made two records – “The Bourbon Experiment” and “Element of Doom” that caught this kind of reckless abandon, authentic real deal rawwwcckk and the live shows were ferocious. The group started to get all this attention from music industry heavy weights who worked with the bands mentioned above and the major record labels at the time. Between all the contracts and the “by the way which one’s Pink” legalese it looked like it was going to fly and start to tour nationally. So close and yet…… close. What ended up happening instead was all this focus and manipulation on image and photo shoots and marketing concepts instead of playing live and sadly the whole thing imploded and didn’t get off the ground. This one had a certain spark, the goods. We all played with a lot of bands that got to open up for legends and they always smoked us, with American Trash – we put the fear of god into the headliners, be good or be smoked.
The records still sound great and we all stayed friends and if Guns N Roses not in this lifetime is back (3/5ths at least), we gotta be back too.