"Fully Loaded" New Years Eve Cabaret with Robin Banks

Robin Bank's Fully Loaded New Years Eve Party

"Fully Loaded" New Years Eve Cabaret with Robin Banks

Sun, December 31, 2017

9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

"Fully Loaded" New Years Eve Cabaret with Robin Banks
"Fully Loaded" New Years Eve Cabaret with Robin Banks
Robin Banks your Friendly Neighborhood Drag Queen; the product of a one-night stand between a Carnival Barker and a Lucille Ball impersonator. Ms. Banks is one of New Haven's most entertaining drag queens and a member of the New Haven community, which she is proud to call home. She hosts the most popular and entertaining shows working with the best local talents.

Vivienne LaFlamme was hooked on Burlesque after seeing some inspiring shows and taking classes at the NY School That was 6 years ago. Now can find Vivienne performing throughout CT and NY. She is super excited to perform in the 10th Year of Swan Day in CT. You'll usually see her in New Haven, so catch up with her but don't get too close.. or you might get burned!

Dot Mitzvah winner of a bunch of brunch awards ranging from "Winner of a bunch of awards ranging from "Best Hybrid/Variety Performance" to "The WTF Award", Dot Mitzvah carves a burlesque niche with a mix of comedy, singing, and the right amount of weird to keep you enthralled. Founder of the Ivy League School of Burlesque, Dot also educates future burly gods and goddesses of the history, styles, and classic moves of the art form.

Loosey LaDuca is Connecticut native who has been performing in drag for seven years. She got her start in New Haven, and it is still her favorite city to perform in! With an education in musical theatre from The Boston Conservatory of Music, she has been in theatrical productions in Connecticut and Massachusetts, and uses her on stage experience to incorporate live singing and comedy into her act. She draws inspiration from famous blondes, including Dolly Parton and Malibu Barbie! You can see her every second Saturday at the #1 Drag Show in CT at York Street Cafe. For more information about upcoming shows, you can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Mia E Z'Lay is colorful comedy queen from CT. She has a love for cartoons, sewing, and cupcakes. Her performances have left audiences questioning, "how did she get her waist so small" and "Can I get a refund?" You can find her on instagram at @miaezlay and on other social networks like facebook and christian mingle.

Vanil LaFrappe
There's nothing vanilla about her. Vanil LaFrappe emerged from a tornado and never stopped spinning. She has been whipping audiences into a frenzy all along the Eastern seaboard for over 6 years. She will rock you, shock you, she may even clock you.