Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers

Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers

Rocky Lawrence

Sat, December 15, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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This event is 21 and over

Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers
Charlie Karp & The Name Droppers
Charlie Karp is and award-winning songwriter, singer and guitarist. His professional start began in 1970, when he was chosen to record with Buddy Miles as a teenager. Buddy Miles was Mercury Record's number one R&B artist and renowned drummer at the time. Charlie recorded four albums with Miles in two years including the legendary Them Changes. He toured internationally with Buddy Miles, including opening for Jimi Hendrix. In 1972, Charlie left to form his own band White Chocolate with David Hull on bass. The group was quickly signed by RCA Records. Later that year he also recorded Vindicater with Arthur Lee of Love fame on A&M records. Today this group still has an underground following.

In 1975, Charlie was signed to Seymour Stein's Sire Records and released a single called Rock & Roll Love Letter, which was later covered by the Bay City Rollers. Charlie and Hull later reformed their band and called it The Dirty Angels. They were signed to Private Stock Records and recorded Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye, which was produced by Richard Gotterher. In 1979, The Dirty Angels, now with A&M Records, toured with Aerosmith on the Double Live Bootleg Tour.

In the 80s, Charlie did many sessions as a songwriter and a guitarist and write songs for Joan Jett and Joe Perry from Aerosmith. He also produced the memorable Ram Jam of Black Betty fame. In 1987 Charlie recorded a solo album called Charlie Karp and the Name Droppers. In the last decade, he has been writing and producing with Danny Kortchmar (producer/guitarist for James Taylor, Carole King, Don Henley, and Billy Joel among others) for their band Slo Leak, a unique blend of blues, funk, electronica, and R&B, that has released three cd's to date.

Beside producing his own albums, Cheese and Charlie Karp and the Namedroppers, and VonHeimburg After Dark, Charlie is an EMMY award-winning producer who produces music for sports networks, documentaries, and feature films.

You can also catch Charlie playing around the tri-state area with Slo Leak and The Namedroppers in clubs and at private parties. He has performed and lent his support to many charitable causes including the late Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, and several cancer survivor benefits.
Rocky Lawrence
Rocky Lawrence
All roads lead to Robert Johnson. Whether you play electric and dream of Hendrix or love the acoustic alternating bass and the slide across the strings that tells every story in your life that the words you attempt to say fail, you find yourself back to Robert Johnson. Every bad date, every job you didn’t get. Every rejection letter, every bad grade, leads you back to the crossroads

Rocky Lawrence knows those stories! He is a walking persona of the country bluesman Robert Johnson. From the moment he approaches the stage sporting his matching suit, Dobbs hat and two-toned shoes, playing a Gibson “Robert Johnson” well worn at the fingerboard, a statement to his dedication to RJ’s music and musical intensity, he plays and sings with incredible conviction. Whether he is performing solo or accompanying the masters, listeners experience a seasoned bluesman.

The sounds and emotions that Rocky Lawrence project are the result of a musical journey that began at the age of nine. His first instrument was the trumpet. He was born in Connecticut, where he still lives today. His parents were music lovers where the sounds of Louis Armstrong and Mahalia Jackson filled their home. Louis Armstrong was his first musical hero. At eleven, Rocky fell under the spell of Jimi Hendrix and he took up the guitar. After learning “Voodoo Child, Rocky discovered that Muddy Waters’ Changes comprised the song. So began his musical sojourn going right back to the source. From Muddy Waters, Rocky became acclimated to the music of Robert Johnson and Son House.

“Robert was a good thief,” Rocky likes to say, as Robert Johnson’s style borrowed from contemporaries as diverse as Son House and Lonnie Johnson.

In 2002, Rocky was playing with Hubert Sumlin, “his adapted daddy”. Rocky absorbed much from Hubert and in addition to perfecting his craft, Rocky was able to connect with Keith Richards. Richards was impressed with Rocky, and keeping a promise, appears on Rocky’ soon to be released recording.

For the past eight years Rocky has been playing with “Honeyboy” Edwards, perhaps the last surviving Robert Johnson era Bluesman. Rocky Lawrence shines as the opening act and the accompanist.

Rocky has taken his Robert Johnson message to the clubs of Connecticut, to Brazil and Italy. He speaks fluent Italian, a testimony to his auditory skill. Everywhere he goes, the audience gets into it. Singing, tapping and humming the tunes as he works his magic – Hellhounds never sleep and neither will you as you experience Rocky Lawrence.