Thelma and the Sleaze

Thelma and the Sleaze

Honch, Marvelous Liars

Wed, April 3, 2019

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

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This event is 21 and over

Thelma and the Sleaze
Thelma and the Sleaze
Somebody's Doin' Something is the first full-length record by Thelma and The Sleaze. Recorded partially in Joshua Tree, California with renowned guitarist and mentor Dave Catching and also with Jeremy Ferguson in Nashville, Tennesse, the writing on this record is a homage to the classic hard rock and power trio influences of Santana, Blue Cheer, Tom Petty, Thin Lizzy, Marianne Faithful, Rolling Stones and Aerosmith. While writing the record lead singer Lauren Gilbert was more intent on drawing inside the lines, with more melodies and structure then the band has used before. Lyrically, it might come off as less abstract and more vulnerable than anything on their past EPs. There were several hold-ups in the process but now everything is ready to finally bring it all to life.

Nashville's Thelma and the Sleaze blend trashy Southern rock with post riot-girl grievances. The result is a surprisingly upbeat heaviness laced with dirty jagged bits of punk and country that cut and sting when least expected. Despite the band's love of daisy dukes and hot tops, their music is explicitly feminist and often packs a punch full of queer sensibilities. With more than a nod to their Nashville home turf, the Sleaze serves up a low-brow, high-octane performance. Front woman and guitarist Lauren Gilbert's cheeky between-song banter and Southern drawl add both humor and authentic charm to the group's overall appeal. With a relentless touring schedule most bands would simply call insanity - such as their recent "Kandyland" tour, which had the band playing a different Nashville venue every night for a month; Thelma and the Sleaze are determined to bring their special brand of rock and roll nationwide.

"One of the wildest and most exciting live acts in Music City." - NPR Music
The soundtrack to a fat Elvis Presley destroying his dressing room in 1977.
Marvelous Liars
Marvelous Liars
Marvelous Liars are a rock band from New London, CT. Members include lead guitarist/singer Nicholas Johns, drummer Ben LaRose, bassist Nick Cancelmo, and guitarist Matt Hamilton. In just 4 years they've hit the regional circuit hard, playing NYC, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Boston, Philly and many Connecticut shows.

In addition to consistent regional touring, the band recently wrapped up their sophomore self-titled album. Tracked on the Neve mixing console that captured Nirvana's In Utero, John Lennon's Double Fantasy, and AC/DC's Back in Black, the 10 songs faithfully capture their vision of where rock music is headed. The Telegraph Recording Company released Marvelous Liars in July 2017, available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. The album charted on the NACC top 200 for a month.

Here's what critics are saying about the new album:

"Take the swagger and strut of The Stones, mix with some QOTSA-style desert fuzz, and throw in some catchy vocal melodies a la The Strokes, and you still won't exactly nail down Marvelous Liars. The Connecticut rock n rollers are just that, embodying the vibe of old-school rock with a modern edge."
-The Deli Magazine New England

"Through smooth charisma and unbridled amplification, New London, CT trio Marvelous Liars capture the essence of rock & roll."
-New Noise Magazine

"A blossoming talent that embraces various rock influences and some indisputable classics, renders smoky riffs and delivers fun rock ā€™nā€™ roll with a modern edge to it."

"Clustered with power chords, and stand-on-the-dance-floor-and-scream-along choruses, the tunes comprise a brisk blast of timeless rock."
-R. Koster, The Day

"...Songs are tightly wound, with starts and stops, precise hits and accents, riffs that compel you to stick the landings."

In June 2016, the band won three "Whalie Awards", including Best Rock Act, Best Rock Song, and Indie/Rock Album of the Year for their debut album Another Castaway, along with being nominated for "Album of the Year" and "Best Rock Band' for this year's Hartford's Best. Marvelous Liars are currently recording new material for the next record.