For Bands

How do I book my band at Cafe 9?

Please submit all press kits electronically to  Include anything you think we should know about your band, some music and the dates you are looking for. We no longer accept mailed demo submissions or take phone calls at the venue regarding booking.

Do you have a P.A.?

We are a small room with good acoustics and our P.A. provides clear amplification to fill the space. We provide all microphones,cables and D.I.’s as well as a resident sound person. If you are booked here and have special sound needs, let us know and we can usually make it work.

I am an out of state singer/songwriter/band without a booking agent. What’s the best way to get a gig at Cafe 9?

We suggest before you email us, that you first network within the New Haven local music community and find a band that is of the same style. Offer them a gig in your area in exchange for setting up a show here with them at Cafe 9.

We are booked! What’s next?

Since most of our deals are based on a percentage of the door proceeds, it is in your best interest to promote your show here aggressively to get people out to see you, revel in your music and help you make some money. Send us some posters, put the show out there on all your social media and email lists. Word of mouth is still the best so tell all your friends personally. We also have a large media and radio list available for you too. Just ask us to send it to you or your publicist.