Calendar of Events

February 2023
February 26, 2023
Grace Pettis / Lara Herscovitch
Show Starts:
4:00 pm
Show End:
6:00 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

East Rock Concert Series,

Grace Pettis / Lara Herscovitch

Grace Pettis and Lara Herscovitch, two singer songwriters with luminous voices, big-hearted lyrics, vulnerability and well-crafted storytelling -- They will charm you and steal your heart with a smile, their music, and storytelling. A promise for the future.

GRACE PETTIS is the co-founder of Nobody’s Girl (with Rebecca Loebe and Betty Soo) and daughter of beloved songwriter Pierce Pettis. Grace Pettis new album “Working Woman”. A blend of rocking roots, Americana and Country/rock, produced by singer/songwriter Mary Bragg. The record features an all-female/non-binary band and showcases Pettis from confident to her most vulnerable through well-crafted storytelling.

LARA HERSCOVITCH is singer-songwriter-poet-performer gem. As described in The Boston Globe, she brings "a luminous voice and a buoyant stage presence... big-hearted lyrics embrace the sum of life... Herscovitch's music blows on the embers of a lagging spirit or a dormant creative life." Lara leads with authenticity, integrity, humor and heart. Sound Waves Magazine described her music as "expertly written prose... songwriting at its best... good for your ears AND your soul." Acoustic Live in New York City added, "She possesses not only a huge reservoir of musical talent and a voice with a bell-like clarity, but a keen sense of global concern and a fierce intellect... It might seem too good to be true, but true it is.