Calendar of Events

December 2021
December 15, 2021
Indie/Hip Hop Holiday Party
Show Starts:
8:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

Folk Punk, Indie & Hip Hop Holiday Party

St. Augustine's Day is Will Parker’s (mostly) solo project. Also known as “Folk Punk Dad,” Parker writes about his personal experiences with recovery from addiction, navigating grief, and living with bipolar disorder. Even in the midst of exploring heavy themes, Parker’s music also embraces playfulness and humor. Accompanying himself on guitar, he plays dynamic, high-energy shows that feel also intimate. At one moment, he is fast rapping lyrics like manic pressured speech, and the next he is getting the audience to sing along on a rousing chorus of resilience. His music has been described as “compassion-core” and “folk-punk Mr. Rogers.” Some of Parker’s strongest influences include the Mountain Goats, WHY?, and Kimya Dawson. He has shared the stage with the likes of Days ‘N Daze, Rock Bottom String Band, Aubrey Key, Chris Conde, and Ceschi. His debut full-length album is due out in 2022.
Erstwhile Portlander / post-rap mainstay BRZOWSKI and lifelong Maine musician/producer C$BURNS have sculpted a collaborative relationship reaching back to 2011. An indie stalwart with many noteworthy credits and over 1,000 live shows spanning the western hemisphere under his belt, BRZOWSKI has not slowed his verbose and politically-pointed musical output, Fundemic be damned. C$BURNS has made a genre-spanning name behind the screen as a vaporwave and outre? hiphop producer, and is no stranger to paying overage-miles on rental vehicles, or for extra sets of heavy-gauge guitar strings. After years of collaborative efforts orbiting the zeitgeist, the duo became critical darlings in 2020 with their equally-billed album The Subjugation of Bread, a complex-yet-funky appraisal of Capitalism as Failure. Having collaborated on over a dozen releases and touring heavily together for a decade, this bizarre mongrel of intent sounds effortless.
Societal Collapse coupled with Gallows Humor is a well-worn amalgam for this duo, but the biting criticism is coupled with a Lighthouse to guide us from the rocks: Possible Solutions.
Their latest project, Seditious Acts was be released on MilledPavement Records/Four Finger Distro on Nov. 11 21, on 3" CD and all Digital Platforms
The 50x50’s technically, and unintentionally started back in 2009 when deto-22 of phenetiks and fellow AFA member, Sketch tha Cataclysm, started their joint project “The Sharing is Caring EP”. The pair remained in each others musical orbits until the 10 year anniversary of the same project. That re-release opened the door to some new found focus and a perfect balance of work ethics, and so, The 50x50’s were officially formed. A combination which strives to push forward their genre with experimentation in form, songwriting, depth and the pure joy of creation. 
A production team, MC’s, songwriters, performers, graphic designers, videographers, directors, editors, and curators. 

Joseph Johnson, aka heir MAX, is a hip hop artist based in Fort Worth, TX, and half of the duo Alligator Food with Scotty “Sixo” Trimble. heir MAX’s music has been described as “light-hearted with a dark twist” with his delivery of catchy choruses over moody yet upbeat soundscapes which creates a sound uniquely his own. The lack of overcomplicated and obscure references make heir MAX instantly relatable.  He has played alongside hip-hop greats such as 2mex, Ceschi and the legendary Myka 9, performed on several dates on the Vans Warped tour and is the go-to opening act at any major hip hop show in Texas due to his dedicated hometown fanbase.

heir MAX recently released his solo EP “The Moment-20” on Fake Four, Inc. Follow him at @heirMAXlovesugly or @fakefourinc to be part of the family.