Calendar of Events

February 2023
February 17, 2023
New Cardiff Giants/ Dan Soto AE/ Waste My Breath
Show Starts:
9:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

New Cardiff Giants

NEW CARDIFF GIANTS are a Political Art-Punk Spectacle who were formed in 2022, the brainchild of Bill Saunders, co-founder of the notorious independent local arts Festival IDEAT VILLAGE, former GUILTY PARTY CANDIDATE for the Mayor of New Haven (appearing in Drag), and Former Front Man for the internationally recognized Captain Beefheart Tribute Band, Doctor Dark.
With so much trouble in world, people seem afraid to sing about it. Not Us!!! These songs are modern cave paintings for these troubled times… a grotesque reflection of ourselves and our place on this planet…the picture isn’t always pretty! Sometimes the music is!
Thankfully, people will believe anything these days, which only makes our jobs that much easier!
New Cardiff Giants are:
Monty Huck (AKA Doctor Dark, Little Miss Mess-Up) - Guitar, Vocals
John Colossal - (AKA Big Confetti, Crying Wolf) - Guitar, Horns
“Crow” Muldoon - (AKA Ned Ludd, Jr.) - Bass
Tawni Mush - (NKA- no known aliases) -Drums

Dan Soto's Artificial Energy

"The point of music is really what? Nobody for sure can say, but many have speculated. Some might say it involves the transfer of what others might refer to as "energy". Some may say nothing at all. and others might not even care to think about it. But the truth is somewhere. And if nothing else, through the use of guitars, this band aims to find out where. Current line-up includes Dan of Dust Hat on guitar, and Gillian of Qween Kong on drums, the rest is unknown".

Waste My Breath