Calendar of Events

November 2022
November 19, 2022
Show Starts:
9:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:


Ponybird:Electronic features new material from singer-songwriter, Jennifer Dauphinais, performed by a troupe of accomplished regional players, vocalists, and multi-instrumentalist to create a lush soundscape of pop, psych, and folk-noir. The project features heavy drum beats, and eloquent string and vocal arrangements across intense emotional and ethereal terrain. The first series of shows will feature songs from Ponybird’s most recent album, Deep Meats I, and reinterpretations of Dauphinais’ songs from the self-titled WEAREBISON EP from 2021.

Deep Meats I is one of several new releases from New Haven-based musicians that keep it moody even as summer set in. In Ponybird’s case, that moodiness also finds Dauphinais at her grooviest and most free. Dauphinais, who wrote, performed, recorded, and produced nearly the entire album herself, explores a wide palette of sounds, mixing electronic, electric, and acoustic sounds together while also deploying a variety of effects on her voice to create a thick, dark atmosphere, whether it’s on the opening track or the swinging “Slow Nelson,” in the cold digital gleam of “Can’t Back Away,” the swirling and anthemic “Better Way,” or the skittering “Brace Yourself/Reckless.” The slow psychedelia of “Barriers and Fragilities” (with an assist from guitarist Andre Roman) brings the whole album home. Throughout, Dauphinais has never sounded more assured, relaxed, and focused at the same time, and if the Roman numeral at the album title’s end is any indication, there is more to come.

-Brian Slattery, New Haven Independent, June 29, 2022


Influenced by the emotional roots of country, the confessional poetry of folk, and the spatial freedom of ambient and harmonic tones, Ponybird is the solo project of Jennifer Dauphinais, an evolving artist who translates something both introspective and infinite all at once. The heart of Ponybird is derived from a central singer-songwriter focus, with a tribe of players that satellite the work. (This format allows the flexibility for booking the project as a solo, duo, or full-band performance.) Performing regionally, Ponybird has shared the bill with noteable acts such as Vetiver, Jeffrey Gaines, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Cary Morin, Amy LaVere & Will Sexton, Alexander Turnquist, Arborea, Violent Mae, Raquel Vidal, and Kerri Powers.

As a drummer & vocalist, Dauphinais has played previously for Christina Abbott in the duo the Karner Blues, with Travis Moody and Kriss Santala in their blues-rock trio, Belle Starr, with Martin Earley and her father Robert in a reunion of their early 80s punk trio, Editors, and alongside members of Blue Rose Liar (Todd Rodgers, Mike Farrelly, and Gerry Stopper) in Spider & Fly. Currently, Dauphinais collaborates, plays drums/percussion, and sings with Brian Ember, Christina Abbott, Stephen P. Rodgers, and Jillian Matundan.

Listening to Ponybird, puts the audience on the verge of discovering a unique blend of genres, while capturing experimental and authentic song-writing with a lean toward introspection. Both home-recorded releases, Climb Yourself Up, and Full Cold Moon, were chosen as Top Ten Releases of the Year by the New Haven Register. A third release, Modest Quarters, which was released in July 2014, was produced and recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT, with co-producers Eric Lichter & James Maple. Ponybird’s fourth album, Deep Meats I takes an electronic turn, while reigniting Dauphinais’ role as writer, performer, and producer of the entire work.


Olive Tiger is an evolution of sound and texture: a nontraditional rock trio that lushly combines electronics with organic elements of chamber-pop, defying the boundaries of genre in favor of obsessive exploration. Grounded in stunning songwriting, Olive Tiger arcs continuously toward more meticulous, more rich and more seductive arrangements, creating hypnotic soundscapes in which captivating risks and unpredictable melodies are the norm.

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Olive Tiger features an unusual collection of instrumentation featuring Olive (cello, guitar, vocals), Jesse Newman (violin, synths, electronics), and John McGrath (drums, percussion). In 2016, the group asserted its powers and range with their debut full-length record, Until My Body Breaks. Their sophomore collection Softest Eyes, divided into three EPs, begins with Softest Eyes: Side A, released in July of 2021.

Softest Eyes: Side A features four distinctly-crafted tracks ranging from disarmingly sunny to alluringly moody, drawing from a full and complex range of human experiences. Striking song arrangements swell and blossom, weaving visceral textures and gauzy atmosphere that will engage the listener with each repeated listen. Even the band’s most electronic offerings are grounded deeply in the human and the vulnerable: each song is a journey drawing from the well of hardship and traveling through catharsis into clarity.

Olive Tiger has shared the stage with a growing roster of notable musicians including Dirty Projectors, Kishi Bashi, Xenia Rubinos, and Kyp Malone (of TV on the Radio), and has garnered growing attention for its work. The band was named Emerging Artist of the Month by The Deli Magazine, and received a nomination for Best in State for the New England Music Awards. Olive Tiger was also honored with an Artist Excellence Fellowship Award from The Connecticut Office of the Arts.