Calendar of Events

July 2022
July 5, 2022
Professor Goldstein/Mightymoonchew /Pretty Princex
Show Starts:
8:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

Professor Goldstein

Hi! I'm Professor Goldstein. By day I’m a teacher. I’m a Maryland public school teacher. I’m a transgender Maryland public school teacher. I’m a Jewish transgender Maryland public school teacher. By night I’m still all of these things but I have a guitar in my hands and a microphone in front of me that I’ve been slowly learning how to use over the past decade. My students are still there in my lyrics about them and the playful banter I use to create a community around my music. My queerness in how I present myself. My Jewish values in what I boost and the chords I’ve plunked out from the Jewish fake book.


Tri State Trio
Indie & DIY af
from New Haven, CT

Pretty Princex