Calendar of Events

March 2023
March 10, 2023
Soraia / The Idiot Kids
Show Starts:
9:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

Little Steven's Underground Garage Presents


Personal growth, rebirth, even revolution – these transformative concepts are the heart of what Soraia is. Redeeming themes like these inform the songs on 'Dig Your Roots', the band’s March 2020 album released through Steven Van Zandt's Wicked Cool Records. While touring the west coast in support of their newest album in March 2020, Covid-19 was declared a pandemic by the CDC, ending the typical promotion and touring behind their newest release and forcing the group to reconsider how to approach the future.

They embraced it.

Staying connected via personal releases of cover songs released on limited run lathe-cut vinyl, they continued to build and reinforce their solid fan relationships with unique handmade merch, livestreams, Q and A events, and weekly connections with their fans through Facebook Lives, Instagram, and personal back-and-forths on social media. They stayed strong and positive, all the while continuing to write music. Soraia released a Christmas single (2021) that ended up on Little Steven's personal Spotify holiday playlist, and participated in gigs to assist in raising money for NIVA and

Directly on the heels of their holiday release, they released another single, "Tight-Lipped" in January 2021 which garnered them their first Top 25 Billboard Rock Charting (#23) and justifiably crossed Soraia over from satellite radio rotation into major market commercial rotation, including rotation on their hometown station, WMMR-FM, WDHA-FM, and Detroit's WRIF-FM. Their video for the song, filmed at the height of the pandemic in Los Angeles with a small team of artists and new director Sam Shapson (Halestorm, All Time Low, Machine Gun Kelly), is a thriller-style mini-movie which debuted on both Billboard's and Loudwire's sites in February/March 2021.
The band is beyond excited to begin playing live shows again, including their first one in New York City which sold out in less than 24 hours.

They continue to write for their next album, and are ready to get back to what they love to do in 2021: unleashing live with their fans and filled with a renewed gratitude, vigor, and fire.


Just when the Covid-19 pandemic hit Sweden in March 2020 Stupidity reformed the line-up. The oldies Tommy Boy (drums) and Erniz (lead vocals) were joined by JV on guitar and Heurika on bass. They continued a later collaboration with Keith Streng, guitarist from the American Super Rockers Fleshtones and went into the studio and recorded new songs. First release from tis session is the single STUPID LIKE ME.

Last year they released the single Save Me (feat. Keith Streng) and it has got a lot of airplays in the USA. and became The Coolest Song In The World 5 March on Little Steven´s Underground Garage.

Between 2007 and 2017 they recorded and released four CDs, one compilation, two singles and two two-song EPs. In 2008 Stupidity was discovered by Little Steven Van Zandt (E-Street Band/Sopranos). That same year, Little Steven’s Underground Garage Radio went on to name their song “Girl Named Moe” The Coolest Song In The World. Stupidity has had six other songs awarded this title: “Move” (2011), “King Midas” (2013), “Baby It’s You” (2014), “Get Up” (2015), ”OK” (2017). and "Save Me" (2021).

Their music has been featured on the soundtracks to Season 2 & 3 of the TV Series Lilyhammer starring Little Steven. The band itself was featured in a Season 3 episode of Lilyhammer performing “King Midas.” All of their music is available on Amazon, iTunes, and other music sites that can be accessed by visiting their website.

Dan Soto's Artificial Energy

"The point of music is really what? Nobody for sure can say, but many have speculated. Some might say it involves the transfer of what others might refer to as "energy". Some may say nothing at all. and others might not even care to think about it. But the truth is somewhere. And if nothing else, through the use of guitars, this band aims to find out where. Current line-up includes Dan of Dust Hat on guitar, and Gillian of Qween Kong on drums, the rest is unknown".

The Idiot Kids

“The Idiot Kids have the energy of punk, the roughened aesthetic of garage rock and the melodic sensibilities of art pop. This is music with shake-you-up hooks, frenzied tempos, gnarly guitars and anthemic vocals. Known for their live performances; they blend the theatricality of glam with the raw energy of hardcore punk.“