Calendar of Events

August 2022
August 18, 2022
Sweet Knives
Show Starts:
9:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

Sweet Knives

In 2005 Memphis black-wave synth punk band Lost Sounds called it quits after being kicked out of a house in Stuttgart in the middle of a long long night. Four albums and numerous singles and outtakes were left behind and the brutal live show would never happen again. As Jay Reatard (½ of the Lost Sounds songwriting team with Alicja Trout) continued to grow his hopeful career on Matador Records, the other band members moved on down less-publicized roads.

Sweet Knives was formed in 2017 when past Lost Sounds members found themselves once again living in close proximity to each other.  The band draws ambience from the Memphis area musical history and it’s post-apocalyptic parts of town.  You will hear 70’s Please Kille Me punk, 80’s B-52’s type synth, 80’s hardcore, and 90’s indie rock with effected layered guitars with a catchy songwriting style.

FUN FACT: Lost Sounds (1998-2005), added analog synths to punk during the garage rock revival of the late 90’s.  Influenced by the post-apocalyptic entropy of Memphis, they created a new sound in punk rock n’ roll dubbed “Black-Wave”, a mixture of black metal and new wave.  With Jay Reatard’s death in 2010 the Lost Sounds could not reunite, so the sound carries on in Sweet Knives.

On their west coast tour 2019, Sweet Knives got to visit with Henry Rollins who has been a huge promotor of Alicja’s music on his saturday night KCRW (Los Angeles) radio show.  Alicja received a lot of support for her 2021 solo album “Howlin”, which was on WFMU’s (NYC) high rotation list for 2021. Rollins has played a track off Sweet Knives’ new album Spritzerita every week since March 5th on KCRW radio Los Angeles (see beginning of hour 2, around 1:01 each week).

BAND MEMBERS: Alicja Trout, guitar and vocals, writes and records her own music at her home studio, The Tronic graveyard. Rich Crook, drummer, led his own bands Knaughty Knights and Lover! during the later 2000’s before moving to a 400 acre farm in Tennessee. Lori McStay, synths, has played for over 25 years with Alicja as The Ultracats doing rocked up girl group cover songs and is part owner of Shangri-La Records, a “Destination Record Store” in Memphis, TN as dubbed by Jello Biafra. Eli Steele, doesn’t drink but works at a liquor store and plays guitar. Andrew Geraci is the bass player of Memphis. Recognizable by his big black wavy hair, he plays everything from metal to mariachi.

Some band history for Alicja Trout:

  • The Clears - Smells Like Records (Steve Shelley’s label) 1997-1999
  • Lost Sounds - In The Red Records 1998-2005/empty Records/Goner Records
  • River City Tanlines - Dirtnap Records 2003-present
  • Sweet Knives - fdh records, Big Neck Records, Red Lounge Records (Germany) Savage Records (Sweden) 2017-present
  • Alicja-pop - Certified PR records/Black & Wyatt Records 2003-present