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April 2023
April 21, 2023
The Abyssmals / Zero Years / VVEBS
Show Starts:
9:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

The Abyssmals

Upstate NY neo-psychedelic ghouls, The Abyssmals, started as a project by founding member, Jarpon Reyes, the band formed shortly after a self-titled collection of demos was released in September of 2016. The Abyssmals quickly expanded to include members Bob Forget (guitar), Boris Cahrenger (bass), Benjamin Wessels (drums), and Muffy Reyes (percussion, organ, synthesizer). Upon assembling and performing out as a raucous and electrifying five-piece, The Abyssmals have grown an international audience and have had music featured on the several TV shows on network TV and streaming platforms. Their debut full-band album, ‘Gospels, Hymns and Other Trash!’ was released in April 2019.

The Abyssmals are...
Jarpon Reyes - Guitar & Vocals
Muffy Reyes- Organ, Percussion & Vocals
Boris Cahrenger - Bass & Vocals
Bob Forget - Guitar & Vocals
Benjamin Wessels - Drums & Vocals

Zero Years
Esoteric pop from New Haven, CT.


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