Calendar of Events

November 2023
November 9, 2023
The Cocktail Slippers / The Chelsea Curve
Show Starts:
8:00 pm
Show End:
11:55 pm
Doors will open approximately 30minutes prior to show start time.
Entry Fee:
and up allowed
About the Show and the Artist:

GO, KAT GO! Presents:

The Cocktail Slippers

Cocktail Slippers is a rock band from Oslo, Norway, known for their great rock & roll songs, brilliant live-performances and their long-time cooperation with Little Steven Van Zandt from Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band. 

«In full hosanna, The Cocktail Slippers sounds a lot like the Go-Go´s but with gats instead of L.A. cheer, and a mule kick in their high heels. It´s all retro action but written and detonatedwith the study and delight of modern rock & roll women in constant touch with their inner filly.» 

-David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine 

The last decade The Cocktail Slippers girls have been touring most of Europe and quite a bit in the USA. To mention a few: Live at The Hard Rock, Times Square in New York, SXSW in Austin, Texas, Hard Rock Calling in Hyde Park, London with Paul McCartney, Iggy & The Stooges, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Simon (and many more), and live at the legendary The Cavern in Liverpool. 

The Chelsea Curve

The Chelsea Curve want to make you move. But how you do it is up to you. 

Inspired by Boston and British culture, the mod-pop trio switched on in 2019 with a singular mission to create infectious, punchy, sing-along rock and roll. Armed with an arsenal of catchy tunes appealing to both the clubs and the pubs, and properly bonded over a love of ‘70s punk and the mod style of sound, The Chelsea Curve are composed of Linda Pardee (bass and vocals) and Tim Gillis (guitar and vocals), with Ron Belanger (drums) holding down the steady backbeat. 

An immediate fixture on Boston’s live music circuit, the fledgling Chelsea Curve joined the Whistlestop tour at the start of 2020. But as the pandemic shook up the music landscape, the trio shifted gears from the stage to the screen, linking up with New England-based independent label Red On Red Records to outline a grand plan of releasing colorful new music while the clubs remained dark. With a full album’s worth of material at the ready, Pardee, Gillis, and Belanger launched The Singles Scene in 2021, an eight-month rollout of one new song every four weeks, earning a steady presence on both social media and in-the-know radio stations and shows around the world. 

The Chelsea Curve kickstarted The Singles Scene with the rambunctious “Girl Cavedog,” staying the course with new music through the year before wrapping the series with the melodic thump of pub-rocking rave-up “Top it Up.” As the world slowly re-opened, The Chelsea Curve returned to stages as varied and diverse as their own driveway (Melrose Porchfest), local breweries (Red on Red’s summer showcase at Craft Food Halls) and the much-missed rock clubs like The Jungle in Somerville, where they warmed up the winter and welcomed 2022 with a two-night residency. 

The success of Singles Scene, and its new approach to releasing music in the digital age, led directly into The Chelsea Curve’s March 2022 debut record, which earned widespread blog and media praise and global indie radio airplay. From there, the stages grew larger, as did the crowds: The band played Boston Calling Music Festival, skipped across the Atlantic for a UK tour, and held court at a scooter rally in Las Vegas. Now new music is planned for 2023, starting with spring single “How Can I (Resist You)?”, and more music to follow in the summer and fall.  

It’s clear that everyone who listens to The Chelsea Curve connects the band’s influence to their own personal favorites of yesterday. But with a debut album racking up streams and a growing homegrown fanbase amplifying their presence louder and louder at each show, The Chelsea Curve are quickly forging their own rock and roll path connecting the past to the present. And in their world, there is no standing still.